Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

We recently partnered with Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta to celebrate an anniversary. They were kind enough to host us throughout our time in in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico including accommodations and other amenities. This post is sponsored but the thoughts and opinions shared below are our own.

I’ve been sitting here looking through all our photos & video from our recent time spent at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta (with a huge smile on my face) and I’m wondering HOW I’m going to properly put into words how incredible our stay was. Best thing to do is to just get on with it. So, here we go..

Jenna & I love traveling. That goes without saying, really. But, we love celebrating milestones & major moments that we’ve experienced together over the years, so this time around, we were celebrating our engagement date.

It was 3 years ago that I got down on one knee at Disneyland and was an emotional mess getting through the proposal — but fortunately, Jenna said “yeah” and the rest is history! 

This location had been on our personal travel to-do list ever since we visited Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun and had the time of our lives there. HRH Vallarta was no different, and to be honest, it exceeded all expectations that we may have had going into our anniversary celebration getaway.

Jenna & I have never experienced exceptional hospitality of that caliber before visiting HRH Vallarta. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve never had a bad experience at previous stays, but the attention & love that was given to us at HRH Vallarta made us feel like family — we didn’t want to leave! Every single person we met or spoke with was so kind & hospitable that is made our trip feel that much more special. The attention to every detail, whether it be an added personal touch to our room, or helping us plan out dinners, giving us guided tours of all the memorabilia, or preparing us special meals — HRH Vallarta went above & beyond what we could’ve ever imagined going into a trip like this. 

The food. Let me tell you. The food was top notch wherever we decided to eat at any point during our stay. We ate insanely good tacos & brick oven pizza near the pool. Had a stellar dinner in a private area @ Zen, where they served us a special multi-course meal specifically for our anniversary. We enjoyed a surf & turf meal on the beach while we watched the sunset. This particular dinner brought back great memories of the first time we went to Mexico together when we initially started dating. Also, Jenna dropped her fork in the sand during dinner. Twice. I love her. 

As I spoke about in our blog post from HRH Cancún, I love to geek out on all the music memorabilia. There was a LOT of amazing musical relics at HRH Vallarta. Everything from an Elton John outfit, John Lennon’s robe, Les Paul’s turtle neck, Kiss’ drum set, Guns N Roses gear, Eddie Van Halen’s amps — the list goes on and it all blew my mind. Another added perk of our stay is they bring Fender guitars & vinyl players to your room so you can jam out! C’mon now. You know damn well I was like a little kid on the playground staying at HRH Vallarta. 

Our room was sanctuary-like; it was so comfortable & relaxing, I found it hard to leave the room at times because I didn’t want to move a muscle. There’s a massive hydro spa tub in every room at HRH Vallarta. So naturally, we used it every single day of our stay. They decked out the room the second night we were there - rose petals leading to the massive tub and to the bed, which was also adorned with even more rose petals. The bed was one big comfy cloud that we just sunk into at the end of everyday. I took full advantage of the espresso machine in our room because you know my coffee addiction is very real. Actually, I have to point out that the espresso @ The Market at HRH Vallarta was insanely good and I looked forward to getting it everyday we were there. 

We spent a good amount of time at the pool, where there were multiple waterfalls and a slide (which we enjoyed, obviously). There were two massive pools & two hot tubs to enjoy. The service was amazing by the pool. The live entertainment was an added plus. It was just a tranquil spot to be, which aided in my book reading, as far as having a peaceful environment to do that in.

It’s all those little details that make the stay THAT much better & more enjoyable. There isn’t a single negative thing I could say about our trip. Again, I can’t speak highly enough about the staff and the hospitality that we experienced during our stay. They really made our trip. Being surrounded by genuinely kind-hearted, helpful, loving people creates an environment where you feel safe & also care-free. That’s how a vacation spent with loved ones should feel like.

So, we thank everyone at HRH Vallarta for making our experience unforgettable and we cannot wait until we make plans to come back again.