How We Got Healthy

Our journey together to healthier living started when Nick proposed to me in March of 2016.

Nick knew that he wanted to make a lifestyle change when it came to his personal health, and I knew I wanted to go on that journey with him.

It's not easy being on tour all the time, in a lot of ways. There are so many things that people don't see or hear about. Did you know that after every show, the boys are all starving and devour what they've coined "after-show-pizza"? EVERY. NIGHT. 

Nick is 34 now. He's been touring since he was a teenager. After years of indulging in food + beverages your body doesn't want in it, you start to feel the long-term effects. He started having horrible issues with acid reflux, heartburn and fatigue - to the point where he was taking pills, etc. for these issues every. single. day.

I'm currently 27. I've been going to the gym regularly and eating relatively healthy for all of my life. My issue has become my allergies over the last 6 years. I don't mean sneezing, itchy nose, pollen and that kind of thing... I mean anaphylaxis. I'm talking about multiple hospital visits, closed airways, full body hives, burning skin, swollen face, near-death allergies. From unknown causes, at that.

When we decided to get married, we thought let's make a change NOW. Let's enjoy our lives together to the very fullest. Let's be healthy for ourselves and each other! We knew we wanted to squeeze every little ounce of happiness out of life, and to do that, it's essential you have your health. Let's figure this stuff out!

There are a great many things that we did when we made the choice to live healthier lives. There are 2 major factors that have completely changed everything for us - the most important and truly significant one being DIET or what we eat.

We don't "diet". That's the first thing you need to know.

It's not a "diet" in that we don't follow any rules for a limited amount of time in order to achieve results. This is our lifestyle, and this is what we will always do. The key is MODERATION. That means, using your noggin to make smart choices. 

These are all things that we've changed in our lives - they are not suggestions for you as we are not dieticians! Please take this into consideration and absolutely consult a professional about any significant changes you might want to make in your own diet.

We don't really consume dairy, bread, pasta, sugary things like soda (the occasional candy) and we share EVERYTHING. Portions are so important. Everyone can remember a time they over-ate and felt like they we're going to explode. You may not know it, but we're all eating way more than any one person is meant to. Even more, you may not know that you aren't getting enough nutrition from what you eat. After working with a few nutrition experts, we've become pros at both those issues. If you drink alcohol, make sure you know what exactly it is you're drinking. For example, we don't drink beer anymore because of how harmful it was to our personal health.

With all that being said, we absolutely indulge.

In fact, we find ways to treat ourselves all the time! But in order to do so, we hold ourselves accountable for everything else we eat! Going-out to eat was part of the problem before... neither Nick nor I ever properly learned how to cook. No one in either of our lives ever taught us.

Being my only parent, my dad sent me out into the world with the priority skills like pancakes, mac & cheese, and cooking up anything just about frozen in a skillet. He came from a family of 12 kids where his parents often didn't provide any food because they couldn't afford it, and he'd go to the neighbors house to steal fruit off their trees if he was hungry or starving. Needless to say, Dad and I ate a lot of microwave meals over the years because it was quick, affordable, and we didn't know any different. More often than not, we thought we were eating "healthy" because there were so-called "chicken" or "veggies" listed as ingredients.. yikes!

With the lifestyle change we made, eating out was something we tried to minimalize which means we had to do the ever dreaded (dun dun dun) cooking at home!

There are so many assumptions about cooking at home, or cooking with fresh produce...

We made each one of them but soon found out none of them we're true. Nick has always been very intimidated by the idea of constructing a meal from scratch or having to follow a recipe; his fear being that he'd find a way to totally ruin the whole thing or possibly burn the house down. My anxieties involved the costs of produce, how to know when things are ripe or spoiled, the stressful grocery shopping trips where you wander around looking for that one odd ingredient for an hour, and when the heck I'd find time to do that AND figure out how to cook.

Skip ahead to June of 2017, we've been on this journey to a healthier living for over a year. Nick has lost over 30 pounds just by changing his eating habits and incorporating more exercise into his daily life. We can't even remember the last time he had heartburn or acid reflux issues. I've lost about 8 lbs [I'd be significantly unhealthy for my size if I lost more than that.] and most importantly, we've gotten to the bottom of all my anaphylaxis woes! After many doctors visits and testing, we now know what I'm allergic to and I've got my Epi-Pen in tow, wherever I go! (wow that sounded very Dr. Seuss of me...)

Now to the cooking bit!

Our healthy eating deserves the majority of credit when it comes to our health and happiness, at this point! Without our good health, we couldn't being doing 90% of the fun things we do in our lives. We couldn't walk over 11+ miles in a day to see all of Disneyland Paris, we could take early morning beach hikes and feel like a million bucks afterwards! We couldn't even eat a bean and cheese burrito without feeling ill after... That's how significant being healthy has been for Nick and I.

In regards to those stressful shopping trips and confused wandering around the grocery store, our healthy habits just became even more fun AND legitimately "feel-good"!

Last month, we started using a online grocery service (you've probably heard of it because it's THAT good) called Milk & Eggs. I don't know if I'll ever step foot in a grocery store again, friends.


No one is paying us to write this. It's not that kind of thing. This post has been a long-time coming and once Milk & Eggs came into play, I knew now was the perfect time to share our journey.

Shopping with them has inspired both of us to learn how to cook. We have time to do so because we don't have to wander aimlessly through the grocery store anymore. The produce is AMAZING. They have an incredible selection and even have recipes available on their site! Now remember when I said I was terrified of how expensive it was to buy health food and fresh produce?.... yeah, I was super wrong about that. Especially when it comes to Milk & Eggs. They work directly with the source to cut out the cost of any middle man, which makes it incredible affordable to buy anything and everything your heart desires WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK!

Oh yeah, they also bring everything to you bright and early in the morning! BEST way to start your day. It may sound silly, but it's very exciting when your beloved, oh-so- delicious groceries magically arrive at your front door. We're excited about unbagging groceries now... does this make us sound old or what? Haha actually I think it's more that we just enjoy eating well that much.

If you haven't looked into Milk & Eggs, we can't urge you enough to give it a go!

I totally wasn't kidding about learning to cook. Look at all the beautiful things I created!!! Everything pictured is a lovely example of what Milk & Eggs' wonderful service has inspired me to do! (Thank you Milk & Eggs website, Pinterest, our friend Sarabeth, and The Sweet Potato Diet book for recipe inspiration!)

Have you been trying out new recipes? Trying to change your eating habits? Tell us! We want to hear more about what other people have experienced when it comes to personal health journeys! Send us an email or comment below!


Thank you for all being so wonderful! We appreciate you coming along with us on the journey to healthier and happier living!






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