Holiday Entertaining

Moving to Los Angeles has been one of the best decisions Nick and I have made for ourselves. Not only do we have more work opportunity but also we're surrounded by so many new and exciting things to do and see! If you can't tell, we are always going somewhere and doing something!

That can be both a blessing and a curse! With all the travel and fun activities we like to partake in, it takes up a good amount of our time and the costs can add up quickly!

Now that the holidays are quickly approaching, we will be adding a number of holidays and family gatherings into our busy schedule and budget.

Not to worry - I have a solution! 🙃  Keep on reading!

My first entertaining challenge of the holiday season: Last minute, my dad and a few members of his side of the family decided to get together for an impromptu picnic! Here comes that little solution I was talking about... 

With the a modest budget and only a few hours to prep for the guests, I paid Grocery Outlet a trip to load up on a few small bites type/tapas goodies, along with some fantastic wine to accompany it!

I was able to snag multiple bottles of fantastic quality wine + plenty of eats for a fraction of the cost!

Plenty of you may know by now, but I'm headed off to Thailand for a few weeks starting on Halloween Day so let's just say that this family picnic was meant to be quality time spent with loved ones before I'm away for a while. Also, since Nick and I will both be away from home for a considerable amount of time, Chou (our bird) will be going on what we like to call "Dadcation" where she goes to stay with my Dad while we're away.

And what a wonderful coincidence that we thought to plan a little family get together for this weekend, as he was coming to pick up Chou from our house anyway! C'est parfait!

The wine and snacks I chose for our outdoor family picnic could not have been more perfect! And even better, I didn't have to break the bank!

My Dad took wine courses throughout college and still knows quite a bit about vino. I always think it's so fun to try new blends with him and learn a little bit about what we're sipping! 

Based on his recommendations, we went with a few different wines (both reds), and various cheeses to accompany the selections. Water Crackers (Roasted Garlic and Herb) were a must, and even a dried fruit and nut mixture for additional variety - again, all to accompany the wine selection. Pinot Noir is my go-to, which is paired well with gouda, feta, and swiss. Grocery Outlet had a mouth watering feta with basil and tomato that I grabbed for only a few dollars! 

One last thought about the fantastic deals at Grocery Outlet and their incredible Wine Sale for November: our schedule only gets more jam packed with events and gatherings as the year goes on due to the holidays, during which we do quite a lot of entertaining ourselves.

We also always try to bring something to any holiday family get-togethers or parties. It can get so expensive buying bottles of wine for every single event we go to and/or throw at our own home, but I'm so glad I've been keeping an eye on their circulars, as you never want to miss a sale - especially like their phenomenal deals like the Wine Sale happening throughout November! They have an incredible variety to choose from so everyone can take home their favorite wine!

Definitely keep Grocery Outlet in mind this holiday season for all of your entertaining and party needs! It's a great place to get deals on wine, cheese, meats or anything else you might need the most wonderful time of the year; party time!



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