Holiday Hosting Made Simple

Hey all!

It’s been a super jam-packed few weeks for us over here! If you’re not following us on our socials, you may not know that we just returned from a lengthy East Coast vacation, celebrating Nick’s birthday in both Boston and Orlando (full posts on all that fun coming to the blog this week). Obviously, the holidays are here - but to add even more chaos to the seasonal madness, we’ve just spent the last 3 days moving into a new place (more on that to come, as well)!

We just don’t have the time or energy to mess around in the kitchen too much, or even make a proper trip to the grocery store - and we think plenty of others can relate to that situation this time of year, or even if you simply enjoy cutting out excess stress, so we wanted to share a little something special with you to keep you holiday fun and not anxiety ridden!

Before we left for our out of town adventure, Nick was still on tour so I hopped on Milk & Eggs (our local grocery delivery service) and put together a special order to make our busy lives a tad easier. Take notes so you can do the same!

Whether you’re hosting or being hosted in a loved one’s home, here are a few things to have on hand that will make your holiday a bit brighter.

SalamiBartlett PearsGrapplesFresh Baguette

Host your guests with the best when it comes to snack platters!

Or turn it into a gift basket for someone one your list!

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Stonewall Cookies Stonewall Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows

Headed to a family member’s home for the holidays? Treat them to something sweet!

Not hosting or being hosted, order it for yourself! I ordered extra cookie mix and spent quality time with Nick, decorating our own holiday sugar cookies.

Happy holidays, everyone!

If you’re shopping Milk & Eggs too, don’t forget to use our discount code twosmallfries at checkout!