Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

For me, personally, I have a long history with Hard Rock Hotels & Cafes with being a touring musician and visiting countless locations around the world. Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a complete music history geek. Jenna always laughs at me with all the useless (some useful) music-related stories & knowledge I somehow keep stored in my weird brain. So, needless to say, Hard Rock is always a stop for me where I can completely nerd out on music memorabilia of all genres and have a solid meal on the road. Fun fact: In Sirens, we ALWAYS visit at least one Hard Rock location on any tour we’re on. Why? It’s a familiar place to us and gives us a little taste of home, especially when we’re missing it. We were also lucky enough to be featured as an Artist Of The Month when “Gossip” was being released. 

Visiting Cancun has been on our bucket list since we first started dating and talking about places we’d love to go to together. We researched on where we wanted to stay and Hard Rock Cancun was at the top of the list from the get-go. We were already following a few of their resorts on social media & the Cancun location kept popping up for us. It was a sign, clearly. Plus, all of the reviews we read were positive & the photos we kept seeing had us sold!

Well, I can honestly say that the reviews & photos don’t give the justice deserved for how beautiful Hard Rock Cancun is, on top of their pristine hospitality & delicious food. Upon arrival, they really gave us the “rockstar” treatment. Sorry, I had to do it. I promise to keep the Dad jokes to a minimum. The staff who work there really do an incredible job with going the extra mile on everything. There’s no detail overlooked. From the check-in process, the breakdown of the resorts many amenities, their daily/nightly schedule of activities going on.. your trip is really tailored to be however you want it to be. Whether you’re just looking to take it easy, order room service (or food by the pool), or play a Fender guitar in your room (yes, that’s real), then Hard Rock Cancun is the place to be. Or if you’re looking to eat at any of their 9 restaurants, watch some entertainment in their outdoor theater (which is different every night), or hang out at their beautiful pools.. then Hard Rock Cancun is STILL the place to be. Basically, whatever mood or vibe you’re in, it can be achieved here. Yes, it is that awesome. We already want to make plans to go back. 

Specifically, Jenna & I stayed at Hard Rock Cancun to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. Very cool, right? And we want to thank Hard Rock Cancun for going above & beyond to make our anniversary personal & memorable. They made special dinner reservations for us (which was a delicious Italian meal) and when we had arrived back at our room, they had surprised us with decorating our room for a wedding anniversary nightcap celebration including rose petals on the bed, a special dessert, a bottle of champagne on ice, and our hot tub setup for us. It was the perfect way to end our final night at Hard Rock Cancun. They spared no expense with ensuring our wedding anniversary trip was one to remember & cherish for the rest of our lives. 

Like I said before, we’re already plotting & planning on when to come back. We kept bringing up the conversation that our family & friends would really enjoy a trip there, as well. So.. what better excuse to return with them?! But, now we also want to visit other Hard Rock Hotel’s around the world, because if HRH Cancun is any indication of how vacationing is supposed to be, we’re ready to go to ANY of their locations.. like, ASAP.. please..