Hangry Jenna : A Love Story

Who here suffers from hanger?!

Go ahead and raise your hand. (Raises hand)

Let's clarify for those of your life has never been touched by a very real matter called hanger. Hanger is when you're hungry and your brain tells you to get mad and take it out on the world. It didn't use to be like this, you guys. I swear. The older I get, the more real it becomes. Your girl just has gotta eat, ya know?!

Sometime at the beginning of this year, I had a moment of clarity while Nick and I sat in L.A. traffic. I could feel the hanger creeping in and I suddenly thought, "I wish I had snacks in the car for times like these."

So what did I do?

I ran off to Target and bought some portable and healthy snacks to hide just about everywhere, in an attempt to dodge every future hanger episode that may come my way. At first I would  grab any small dehydrated fruit type snack, but those are such a mess and the flavors tend to get old.

So here comes the realness you've been waiting for - my  go-to secret, stashed away hanger snacks are organic fruit pouches.

"Where is this "everywhere" that you're hiding these, Jenna?" and "Does Nick also suffer from hanger?"

They're in both our cars. They're in my purse. They go in my carry-on when I travel. They're in the kitchen pantry, of course. 

"Do you keep them in our bedroom?" you ask... I would if the kitchen was further away than it is from the bed. I won't deny that sometimes I crawl out of bed for a Shine Pouch in the middle of the night from time to time.

Nick is such a patient and calm guy, but on occasion yes, he too suffers from hanger. Let's face it, we've all been there. But guess who's stashing away the solution - this gal. (Raises hand, again.) You're welcome, hangry hubby. 😘

You're probably wondering how this is supposed to be a "love story". I love food. I love eating. And I love these fruit pouches. There you have it - a nightmare turned into a daydream! Hanger crisis' being avoided all thanks to my hero, Shine Organics!

There are so many times where you're out and about, standing in line for a theme park ride, working continuously with no time for a break, running errands, about to hit the gym on an empty stomach, maybe heading to a brunch in an hour but need a quick snack to hold you over. 

Quick and easy sounds so simple, but finding a healthy snack that's also quick and easy AND delicious is no small feat. These fruit smoothie pouches come in multiple flavors and all of them are totally mouth watering.

Being on-the-go all the time is great but can lead to poor meal choices. With a healthy snack in my purse, I'm always prepared to make a good decision. 

I can't lie - I enjoy eating late night snacks in bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love a churro just as much as the next guy, but if you've been keeping up with us on our Health Journey, you'll know that Nick and I put a lot of stock into moderation and making good choices when it comes to nutrition.


If you suffer from hanger like we do, or even just want to try out a new healthy snack, now is the perfect time!

If you click on my photo below, you can download a coupon for Shine Organics when you shop at Target!

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