Our New Favorite Thing : Sunday Date Night

Let's talk some serious business right now.

Um, who else is watching Game of Thrones?

Because our lives more or less revolve around Sunday's new episode airing every week. With only 2 episodes left, we've perfect our routine and can't stand the thought of  this season ending.

Wine, a foil Shrimp Bake and Game of Thrones.

Best Sunday nights ever.

It all started when we decided to have viewing parties at our house for GoT every Sunday. We wanted to do something a bit different with the party food options -- ie. straying away from the typical chips & dips -- but at the same time, not spending too much time BBQ'ing and doing a ton of food prep. It's GoT -- keep it spartan & simple. What would Jon Snow eat? We decided to search around Pinterest for some recipe ideas that were going to be easy, quick, & fun to put together. Most weekends, we're ridiculously busy so finding a recipe that was both easy and accessible was  a must

We then came across these tinfoil bakes that have minimal ingredients & food prep. All the ones we found had ingredients that weren't as healthy as we had hoped, so we made some alterations. Keeping it light/healthy, we we're also able to order the ingredients from our grocery delivery service, Milk & Eggs.

 You literally throw everything in the foil, toss it in the oven for a bit, and you can eat it right out of the foil when it's all done.

Jon Snow would approve and be ready to take on the White Walker's after this meal.

It's ridiculously easy and makes 4 whole meals. Super simple and healthy ingredients (all from Milk & Eggs!) and it only takes a few minutes to make!

All you need is 2 corn on the cobb, your choice of sausage (we chose a package of Cajun Andouille), 2 cubed sweet potatoes, 1 lb. jumbo shrimp, a fresh lemon(to juice), Cajun seasoning, and some parsley to sprinkle on the finished product.

Equally spread the shrimp, corn, sausage, and sweet potato onto 4 pieces of foil. Then drizzle some olive oil onto the food for , then sprinkle your Cajun season all over and toss so that everything is evenly coated. Then fold up the foil to make little packets, sealing them tightly so no juices get out. We bake the packets in the oven for 15 minutes on 425°F and then prep the lemon juice and parsley as the finishing touches! Once they're cooked, set each packet on a plate for each clean-up (just in case they leak any juices), then drizzle some lemon juice and drop a little parsley right on top of the bake!

Start pouring the wine, and sit yourself in front of the TV because now it's time to feast and watch the drama of the 7 Kingdoms unfold!

So that's our Sunday routine!

Have you ever made a foil packet meal before?! We want to try out more recipes for them! Send us your recommendations.

This fun little Sunday routine has been great for us and we plan to continue it! We order our groceries on Friday so we receive them Monday, which helps us to prep for a healthy week and also plan ahead for Sunday date night.

I wonder what we'll start watching after this season of GoT ends? Any suggestions?! Do you have a routine or go-to way to watch GoT? Let us know in the comments below!

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