Good Boy, Buxton!

YAY! Let's talk about pets!

I'm sure you guys already know this, but just in case you don't - we love our pet, Chou! She's our little fluffy pride and joy. Nick and I absolutely spoil her rotten and she knows it, too! We also totally love doggos; who doesn't'?! My older brother and his girlfriend recently adopted a very good boy into their home which has been so exciting for us because we haven't had a dog in our family for about 10 years! If we're being totally honest, I'm 100% that person who talks to every dog I see. When we found out baby Buxton was joining the family, we totally freaked out and knew we had to spoil him properly like a good Auntie and Uncle!

Nick and I both grew up with dogs in our homes, so he and I both are totally obsessed with puppers. Buxton has a very special place in our hearts, and naturally we just can't help but sending plenty of puppy stuff to my brother's house. 

When I heard Grocery Outlet was having a Pet-Tacular event this week, I immediately called my brother to let them know! What stood out the most to me when I initially read about the event was all of the amazing, high quality brands they featured - Natural Balance, Nature’s Recipe, and many other eco-friendly pet-food brands. The savings on all these incredible pet products is outrageous!! Only the best for our little fluffy guy! The Pet-Tacular isn't just for doggos - it's for all kinds of pets! Check out the circular ad for the event HERE!

Nick and I couldn't help ourselves but to indulge in more Buxton spoiling!

Patrick and Stephanie (brother + sister-in-law) we're so grateful I shared the promotion with them; turns out they live 2 minutes away from Grocery Outlet and immediately went over to stock up!


We love our little Buxton boy so much and are so glad to have him as part of our family.


Nick and I want a pup so badly!

What do you guys think? Should we get one?!