FINDING the Perfect Gift

This year, the holiday season has been a little different for us because of some unexpected hiccups in life, but there's not a chance we haven't forgotten to make our shopping list despite the personal chaos at home!

We'll let you in on a little secret... we've told you about this particular gaget before but not like this.

Did you guess it? .... It's Tile!

We had an incredible response to our latest article talking about Tile and we're back to do it again, but with some holly jolly feels sprinkled on top! 

For those of you who aren't familiar with or need reacquainting with Tile, let me tell you what it is and what it's all about! Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that's small and portable. You can attach Tile to anything you don't want to lose, then keep track of it with the Tile app. You can also use Tile in reverse to find your phone! Just press the button on the Tile, and you'll start to hear your phone ring a unique little ring, like it's own little way of saying "Here I am!" Tiles can be customized, and even come in different styles for different needs. Find out more about Tile here.

Tile’s multi-packs make holiday shopping an absolute breeze! Snag a pack for your nieces or nephews, your neighbors, your parents - and know that you've given a gift with lasting value and significance!

Not to totally spoil what our friends and family may or may not be getting for Christmas this from us, but we're going to give you a sneak peek at our shopping list, and prove how Tile makes the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season.


PARENTS: Jenna's dad works in media production and is constantly on-the-go. Living by himself, he's not able to say "Hey so-and-so, can you call my phone? I can't remember where I placed it." And it goes well beyond the phone, key, and wallet that most misplace. Carrying equipment around from location to location, he's been known to misplace an expensive item or two, if only for a brief moment - the most important items being his camera, laptop and tablet! Congratulations Dad, you just won yourself a 4-pack of Tiles for Xmas (courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Martin)!

LARRY + MICHELLE (our bffs): This couple holds unique and significant placement in both of our hearts. Nick has known Larry for over a decade, while Jenna has been friends with both Larry and Michelle for close to 12 years. They've always been part of our lives as a couple, and even played a huge part in our wedding. Now that we don't live in San Diego anymore, it's fairly difficult to plan things together, especially now that all of our work schedules have become complicated and demanding! We all keep in touch over the phone, and through text, of course; always working on when we'll be able to see each other next. While Michelle has a wonderful, demanding job that requires her to work very long hours, often 6+ days a week, and Larry working multiple awesome jobs, with just as challenging hours, these two lovebirds drink a lot of coffee and can't afford to waste time looking for keys, wallets, phones, or just about anything else! Now that they're devoting more time to blogging and YouTubing, they can't afford to misplace their camera either! Larry + Michelle, here's your 4-pack of Tile! We snagged you guys the Sport since we know how the 4 of us can never seem to go anywhere without spilling something. 

TEDDY (our nephew): The Cheddar Boy is almost 2, and holy cow is he getting more and more difficult to keep up with! Teddy and his mama love to go to the Zoo almost weekly, where they see his favorite animal, the tiger! Teddy also carries around his most favorite stuffed animal which happens to be (you may have guessed...) a tiger. Teddy and his mama are constantly driving around town, visiting museums, family and friends, and just enjoying the outdoors now that he's able to properly enjoy a playgrounds, which also includes running around like a teeny wild man. Where Teddy goes, Tiger goes too! Rest easy, Jessika ... Teddy will never have to fret about misplacing his Tiger ever again because Uncle Jen + Tia Nick are putting a Tile on him - Merry Christmas, loves!

DR. BROTHER: As you may already know, he is both a Doctor and a brother, all at once! Jenna's older brother Patrick (aka Dr. Brother) is exactly the type of person that lives for gadgets like Tile. On top of being a doctor, he's also the captain of his dodgeball team, an avid outdoors fanatic alongside his girlfriend and their pupper, Buxton, in addition to working weekends treating athletes at events all over the country. This guy is so busy, it's a miracle that his head isn't constantly spinning!  We applaud him for his organization, however that's not to say we know he could use some assistance - here comes an 8-pack of Tile Sport! Though he may not be near water, that doesn't mean his belongings aren't getting wet. Mr. Misplacing-Things will absolutely benefit from the extended range of up to 200 ft. when he's searching for Buxton's leash or his favorite foam roller.



Contrary to what you might assume about such a nifty little GPS tracker, these tiny tools are incredibly affordable!

They're less than $20 each when you buy a 4-pack or $25 each if you snag them solo. By the way, Tile multipacks are the affordable gift for everyone of your list at less than $20 each if you buy a 4-pack, and they also come with a free gift pouch — no gift wrapping required! YAY! It's a fact, Tile makes the perfect gift for anyone who misplaces their keys, wallets, or anything else. Truth be told, we're going to gift ourselves at least 8 more for the Martin household.

Long after the holidays have come and gone, we feel good knowing our friends and family will still be reaping the benefits of our fun gifted gizmos, Tile!

Some more cool facts about Tile:

  • Tile and it's community help locate 2 million items every day.
  • Tile has the world’s largest lost-and-found community.  

Together, we're finding all our most loved, often misplaced belongings!

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