Doing What We Love

What are we known best for? Being on-the-go, of course!

Theme park days are our absolute favorite, and sometimes we really need the break from work to just get outside and play a bit! Something that we pride ourselves in is not letting the small things hold us back. Simple stuff like coming down with a cold, or avoiding "uncomfortable" situations aren't issues for us because we actively take care of ourselves and combat those common roadblocks.

The two of us don't have any real secrets or unspoken tricks to how we maintain, energy, health or stay prepared in tackling everything life throws our way. Our essentials for surviving a busy, on-the-go and constant life of travel are actually really simple and easy to implement into your routine. Staying prepared for when life gets messy, chaotic, and even stressful is what I'm all about (hi it's Jenna). Planning is totally my thing, but you'd probably picked up on that already.

Some days, like the one we're showing you, one or both of us will wake up with the urge to go do something - whether it be go see a movie, go wander around a nearby theme park or maybe go for a hike. Instead of having to spend a ton of time prepping, packing and "getting ready", we tend to just go. The way this is possible is by just keeping those "survival" essentials on hand - like Kleenex Wet Wipes. A bottle of water, a few granola bars, a travel size of sunscreen, light jackets, Kleenex Wet Wipes, and even an extra pair of sunglasses ready at all times - maybe in the car or in a backpack in the closet,  and we're off!

I can't emphasize enough how creating a "ready to go" back or stash with offer you all the ease in the world when it comes to doing more in your daily life. We used to spend so much getting ready playing the "Did you grab ___?" "Have you seen our ___?" game, and now we're not just out the door faster but we're able to make more out of our experiences. Sometimes we'll be leaving Target and look at each other to say, "Do you want to go ___?". Whatever it is, we're ready! A hot morning at the swap meet, spontaneous zoo trip, thrift shopping, wandering the mall, stopping at a taco shop... we're all set, no matter how messy, busy, or lengthy the activity might be. We're serious about keeping Kleenex Wet Wipes on hand, because it's happened all too often that we've needed a gentle cleansing wipe for our faces and hands while we're out and about. Especially when I decided to do my makeup in the car when we're driving somewhere... in the passenger seat, of course!

My big thing is cleaning my hands. I'm totally that person that keeps wipes in my bag, and uses them regularly - often offering them to my friends and those around me. I can't stand getting sick, and frankly I can't afford to waste any time being sick so I work hard to keep my hands as clean as possible, which can be challenging given all the public places we find ourselves. I'm sure you all have a friend or family member you can think of whom does something similar, or maybe you're that person yourself! What I really love the most about using Kleenex Wet Wipes though is that they have a variety I can choose from that best suits my needs. I'm a delicate flower (LOL) aka my skin is really sensitive, which is totally fine because they have Gentle Clean and Sensitive packs I can rely on. I always buy both, and one of the Germ Removal packs to have on hand. Better to be prepared than to no be!