A Date Night At Home

I always say this, but calling us "a busy couple" would be a serious understatement. We don't always have the energy to go out for proper date nights, BUT we've gotten pretty great at creating our own date nights while staying at home!

Our lives and jobs have kept us both pretty nonstop over the last week and we wanted to devote an evening to  some much need "us" time. This time we decided to try out a new dinner recipe, let it cook while we both finished up our responsibilities working from home, designated Rogue One as our date-night film, and I pulled out our favorite cocktail glasses in preparation for some delicious adult beverages

We've been doing our very best to eat and drink well while we're home since we already know we tend to let loose when on vacation. With the honeymoon coming up and Nutella crepes on the horizon, we decided to stick with Seagram's Extra Dry Gin + naturally essenced sparkling water - with fresh fruit for garnishes! Seagram's even makes fruit flavored Twisted versions of their Gin so obviously we had to give one of them a whirl! Nick and I went for the Seagram's Peach Twisted Gin, and mixed it with fresh watermelon chunks, pineapple juice and  fresh mint as a garnish! (You can also get some adult beverage recipe inspiration HERE!)

Date nights in are always the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cocktail or two!

No one has to drive anywhere, and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg at the bar on drinks + tipping!

Cheers to a fun + responsible night in!

How do you guys spend your date nights? Do you ever have Ladies' night or Boys' nights? Double dates? Group dates? What's your favorite way to host friends and loved ones? Does anyone else sob uncontrolably at the end of Rogue One? Tell us in the comments below!



Jenna + Nick