Current Skincare Favorites

If you thought this post only pertains to Jenna's skincare routine, think again! Nick takes care of his epidermis too. ;)


Each month I'll be trying different Glossier products and sharing my skincare journey with you guys! Thus far, I've had an incredible experience with all of their products and I can't wait to try more!

This month, I ordered the Mask Duo!

I struggle with acne quite a bit, so having great masks for clearing and calming is essential. I'm so sensitive and allergic to what feels like everything, at times. This Duo includes the Moisturizing Moon Mask and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. Both are creamy and smell wonderful.

I've been using the Mega Greens mask at night to calm and detox my skin, which has helped to clear up SO many potential blemishes. Forreal... my fave thing right now.

The Moon mask has been great for giving my skin that extra drink of water in the morning when I'm feeling dry after I get up. I couldn't be happier with these two fantastic products.

Now for Nick's go-to's.

My smiley guy has incredible genes, and the most amazing skin - but skincare isn't limited to those with skin issues. He's been touring for 15 years, which means he's been spending a lot of time in the sun without protection. Like, A LOT. Sun damage is no joke at all. Also, we should note that he's 34 and looks like he's 20 but you can never take "too good" of care of your skin. That means a daily sunscreen, under eye help for those long days and nights, and a moisturizing routine to keep him looking and feeling fresh. For most guys, looking like they have anything greasy or cakey on the their skin is the issue with daily skincare. Everything Nick uses is natural looking and matte, so he isn't shiny all the time.

What he's using:  Glossier's Priming Moisturizer, Invisible Shield SPF 35, and Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment.

A few other options for SPF and moisturizing would be the two products I've linked below: S.W. Basics Cream and Supergoop!'s Everyday Sunscreen. They're definitely another set of our skincare favorites that we keep on deck for those more dry days... and since they're smaller containers, they're almost always in my purse! Ya know, just in case. ;)

We mostly stick to Glossier and Sephora for our skincare (and all my cosmetics). The S.W. Basics is available at Target, btw!


Wanna try out Glossier? Click here to shop with my discount!


Sending you all lots of sunshine and happy-skin thoughts!