How We Create Lasting Hairstyles

It's Jenna, agaiiinnnnnn!

You guys are so amazing and have given us such fantastic feedback about the makeup tutorial I shared recently, and giving you guys an inside look at how we put together our aesthetics we're known for.

Nick comes home from tour tomorrow, so stay tuned for an update including photos of how we achieve his look (hair!). But for now I'm going to share some of my hair tips and tricks to appease all of your requests!

What a perfect time to be talking about hair, as I've just returned home from being on tour with Nick for a few days. We were in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah - which is horribly cold and extremely dry compared to Los Angeles. I do my very best not to overwash my hair, because a healthy scalp needs the oils your body produces. That's part of the reason why my hair grows so fast. Before I left for Utah, I washed my hair - knowing I would probably not wash it again until I got home.

So how the heck do I manage to keep my hair looking perfect everyday without washing and styling it constantly? Let me tell ya!

I wash and style my hair once, maybe twice a week. It's the excellent products I use that keep it looking "ready to go" every day. I do my very very best not to heat style too often - that means blow drying, curling or straightening. My hair is pretty temperamental and always has been. And let me be clear, I have naturally WAVY hair, so that means straightening it when I want it straight, and curling it when I want it curled. Even on our wedding day, my curls went completely flat (which was totally humid Hawaii's fault) but most of the time, I attribute a lot of those "falling flat" type scenarios to not having using a great hairspray.

My go-to hairstyles tend to be the more loose, natural looking ones. I love wearing my hair down, so when I put it up it's usually only half-up. I use a flat iron to achieve my loose curls. I don't like doing anything too high maintenance or excessive, as that's just not very me and I think the pink hair is already a lot in itself! (major LOL) I've mentioned this before, but I really feel strongly about using good quality products that give you exactly what you need, and can even help where you might not have realized you could use it.

My hairsprays are what have been saving me, and it's not just one spray - but a few! I've mentioned this a little bit before but now I'll go right ahead, and give you the full scoop.

I don't do crusty hair. How many sprays have you used that gave you gritty, crusty, crunchy chunks of hair?! We're all adults now. This isn't a beauty pageant. Let's achieve the hold we're looking for AND be able to run our hands through our locks. For maintaining my loose curls, I use TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend. It's a firm hold that extends the life of my curls so I can wear them for days with only heat styling them once, AND I can touch them, run my fingers through them, and even brush them without losing any hold. Did I mention this spray is around $5, it and you can find it at Walmart?! There's no excuse not to snag one of these for yourself.

Another product that helps me create a lasting hairstyle is TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost. This one I like to use when I'm touching up a style that doesn't require much help, but will preserve or touch up my look. For example, I like to use this one on my bangs after I've styled them or on straight hair, just to ensure I don't have any pieces start to go wavy on their own throughout the day, or over a few days. It's light and doesn't weigh my already heavy hair down. It's excellent for maintaining volume after using a round brush to dry, etc. Same story: fantastic price point and super accessible.

Now on to texture! I've mentioned this quite a lot when answering questions about my grungy, intentionally messy hair. I love using Texture sprays. Guess who has one as part of the same hairspray line... TRESemmé! It's the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture. This one has to be my absolute FAVORITE because it's light, doesn't make your hair feel crunchy or dirty but gives your hair texture and body that lasts. This is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to style their hair but doesn't want to spend forever doing it! I never travel without my Texture Hairspray because it always does the trick, and never takes more than a minute to achieve that perfect textured style. Once again: incredible price point and available at Walmart.

Last but not least is a Smoothing Spray - TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth. For occasions like dry, cold Utah air, it's amazing to have a product that helps to fight frizzy, fly-away hair. I'm fortunate that I don't have this problem too often, but when I do I thank the hair-gods that I've got something to combat frizz for 24 hours. You know the scoop: less than $5 AND available at Walmart!

So there it is - a few of my hair tips and favorite products! Like I mentioned before, these sprays are revolutionary in a number of ways.

  • They use new breakthrough Micro-Mist technology, using superfine micro-mist particles that penetrate through the top layer of hair to provide more thorough coverage throughout your hair.
  • Some traditional hairsprays use chunky particles that create buildup, while these compressed micro-mist sprays have an optimized blend of polymers to give you lasting results - style without stiffness!
  • These new cans have new technology to give a more targeted and efficient spray.
  • Using new compression technology, each 5.5oz can is holds the say amount of sprays as the 11oz can and used 50% less gay per spray.
  • Because they're packaged in smaller cans, these sprays can also contribute to overall reduction in CO2.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be partnering with TRESemmé to celebrate #TREStuesdays, showing you how we use these rad sprays to create amazing looks, and healthy-looking hair! Be sure to follow along on Instagram, our stories and also join us for a Facebook Live on Monday, Feb. 19th for a step-by-step 'How-To" by me, Jenna!


Happy hair-styling to you, everyone! 😉