On Cloud 9 with cloudten

Comfort is everything when it comes to your home.

Wouldn't you agree?!

That's why we take our bed sheets super seriously around here.

It might sound silly, but right before Nick comes home tour I always do a deep cleaning of our house and make sure we have fresh clean laundry - including our bed sheets. There's nothing quite like falling into a bed with clean feeling and smelling sheets!

Nick feels very strongly about being comfy, and to welcome him home, I always try to surprise him with a little something extra (a few balloons, a card, a hand-cooked meal or even a mini cheesecake) in addition to making sure he's the happiest boy on earth!

This time, I went with a few new sets of brand new sheets by cloudten!

Before I get to the details and qualities of the sheets, can we please talk about how awesome their packaging is? Cleverly worded messages describing the brand and mission can be found on the artistically crafted cards inside. We've been watching a lot of New Girl lately, so I'll just go ahead and say they're worded in a "twirly" kinda way that made us giggle... you can figure the rest out yourself. (tee hee)

Chou was very helpful in the unboxing of our sheets!

We received both styles made by cloudten in white - Luna Percale and Amora Sateen to try out. Keep reading to hear what we liked about the two different sets!

After washing both sets, we tried out sleeping on the Amora Sateen Sheets first! These ones are more silky to the touch and a little bit shinier in appearance. Sleeping on them was great! They reminded me a lot of some of the beautiful hotels we've stayed at in the past. You know, the ones that have those luxurious sheets you just can't get enough of!

The next night, we tried sleeping on the other set - Luna Percale.

Overall, Nick and I decided we liked these ones better as they were lighter and more breathable to sleep on! They're every bit as soft and comfy as the other set just with a more matte appearance and texture, and also notably cooler (as Nick is a warm sleeper).

The price-point for these high quality sheets is AMAZING. Both sets are 100% Egyptian Cotton which can be outrageously priced, however cloudten is much more afforable while also being worth every penny! 

cloudten sheets are never artifically softened or chemical-washed which is exactly the kind of products we want in our home and on our bodies! 

clouten also offers free shipping and 100 day risk-free trial! They also have a pillowcase set if you're not looking to purchase the whole sha-bang at the moment. Our sheet sets each came with a pair of pillowcases to match the sheets!

Hope you enjoyed a peek inside our home and learned a little bit about cloudten.

don't forget the holidays are coming up and these sheet sets would make a fantastic gift for your loved ones!

Visit cloudten's site to start shopping here!



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