Chiang Mai • Thailand Photo Diary

Unfortunately, it seems I'm making a bad habit out of NOT recapping my trips right after I get back home from traveing. In my defense, it's been very hectic and crazy around here with work and catching back up with my regular life things. Aye!

There's so very much for me to say and show you all from the 10 days I was in Thailand. I'll be breaking the trip up into a few different pieces to highlight experiences, and offer more insight on the travel, itself.

On that note, let me present PART 1 of my Thailand trip; a photo diary of Chiang Mai.

Scroll down to the bottom to read about my favorite experiences in Chiang Mai.

Of all the cities we visited, I think Chiang Mai was my favorite. We happened to be there during the Lunar Celebration, which is when people travel to the city center to release lanterns into the sky! It was the most incredible sight. I don't think I'll ever be able to put into words the emotions I felt seeing so many glowing lanterns float up into the night sky. The other highlight of my time in Chiang Mai (other than my day with the elephants) was traveling to the temple atop Doi Suthep. The towering golden spires were absolutely breathtaking and you can feel something special in the air. This temple is not only gorgeous, but the journey up to the top is an experience in itself. One day, I'd love to take Nick to see Chiang Mai and share these phenomenal places with him.

What else do you all want to hear about?

I'm glad to expand upon all aspects of the trip, so please feel free to ask if something in particular peaks your interest!

ps: my day at the Elephant Rescue was in Chiang Mai but that will have it's own blog post. In fact, that will be the next Thailand post that goes up! :)