Cheers to our honeymoon!


Before we hopped on our 10 hour flight to the United Kingdom, Nick and I pressed pause to pop open a bottle of Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay and celebrate the start of our long awaited honeymoon!

We deserve to celebrate now that it's time to set off on this exciting adventure!

Between Nick's ever-changing work, our move to Los Angeles, and my constantly on-the-go schedule it's been difficult to sort this honeymoon out - each and every step of the way. Now we can breathe easy because it's FINALLY here and happening! What could be more suiting than to cheers with a delicious Chardonnay by Wente?! Their vineyards even are near San Francisco here in California. We took the opportunity to read the story about their wine on the back of the bottle while we sipped it together. If you're a fan of wine or maybe not usually, we strongly recommend giving Wente a-go!

We loved sharing this bottle of Wente Morning Fog!

It truly was a wonderful way to cheers to our marriage and the beginning of a truly special adventure!

Stay tuned for another update on our overseas adventure! We're in London right now, heading to Paris soon, and will be sharing bits with you all along the way!

We can't wait to tell you about all the things we've been up to!


Leave us comments below! Nick and I love to hear from all of you!



Jenna + Nick