Tis The Season for Universal Orlando Resort!

We recently partnered with Universal Orlando Resort to celebrate my birthday. They were kind enough to host us throughout our time in Orlando, including accommodations at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando and other amenities. This post is sponsored but the thoughts and opinions shared below are our own.

If you didn’t know, Jenna & I try to visit Orlando once a year. We’re massive theme park fans, as you probably already know which is what makes Orlando such a destination for us. It’s become a tradition of ours since we first started seeing each other many years ago, and knowing that I would have some time off after our last tour, it felt like it was time for us to make our trip back - especially during the holiday season! 

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of staying at Hard Rock Hotel while in Cancun... so it was only fitting that we stay at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando on this vacation. Before we had even finished our trip while in Cancun, we were already talking & plotting about staying at another Hard Rock Hotel since our experience at the time was THAT positive.

This time around was no different. In fact, we’re already talking about the next Hard Rock Hotel to venture off to. But, before I jump ahead of myself, I want to expand on our time spent at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando & rub it in, as far as how much fun we had. Hah!

First off, I had no clue that Hard Rock Hotel Orlando was SO close to Universal Studios Florida! We had an unbelievably beautiful view of the park from our room, as well as the massive pool at Hard Rock Hotel. Made for an unforgettable sunset the first night when we got there. And it’s a quick 5 minute walk from the hotel to the park. Yes, it’s that quick & easy. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the in-room coffee machine (duh), edible chocolate guitar, & fruit plate that we had in our room (thank you, HRH).

There was also a full-sized mirror that had height marks showing you how tall you are compared to other musicians. Side note: I’m as tall as Aretha Franklin and I’m more than okay with that. Jenna is as tall as Pat Benatar, which she is also more than OK with. 

I’ve mentioned in our Hard Rock Hotel Cancun blog post that I geek out on music memorabilia. Hard. Literally, anything & everything related to music history. I was particularly impressed with The Beatles memorabilia they had in the lobby area, as well as, the awesome portraits of famous musicians hanging up behind the check-in counter. There was even a chandelier made of saxophones that I’m sure most people overlook because it looked so seemingly normal. I love random, quirky stuff like that. 

To add to the perks of staying at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando: if you’re visiting Universal Studios Florida, you get Universal Express Unlimited (which means you get to skip the lines for rides) AND early park admission (which is how we got to enjoy The Wizarding World of Harry Potter before regular park hours). You already know Jenna & I are theme park enthusiasts, we don’t need to reiterate this. Haha. So, it goes without saying that having those added perks were a major plus for us & being able to experience as much as possible during our trip. 

We can’t thank Hard Rock Hotel Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort enough for having us! Like I said earlier in this post, we’re already thinking about the next adventure that involves Hard Rock Hotel, but I can guarantee you that when we stay in Orlando from here on out, this will be where we rest our heads.

Alright, now let’s talk about rides! We’re no strangers to Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure, so we’ve been able to solidify our absolute favorite attractions and ‘must-do’s’. Everything Harry Potter related is an obvious #1 pick. We spend a lot of time in Diagon Alley and Hogsmead. Even just wandering through the shops, taking in all the details of the Wizarding World… and 99% of the time, we decide to sit down for a meal in The Leaky Caulderon or Three Broomsticks. I’m a huge fan of Knockturn Alley, so I make a point to drag Jenna through the dark alleyways at least once. Obviously, we always bring our wands to do “magic” which is really fun for us - especially since it’s different than what we have at home in Universal Studios Hollywood.

A few other favorite attractions we’re always hyped to visit at Universal Orlando Resort are the E.T. Ride, just about everything in Whoville, The Mummy, and The Hulk. We could go on and on about each ride, but chances are you’ve already heard us do that on one of our many previous blog posts covering our Orlando vacations. You can find those under TRAVEL if you want to refresh your memories.

Have you been to Universal Orlando Resort? What’s your favorite ride? If not, tell us if this sounds like something you’d like to do one day and who you’d go with!