Our Favorite Books On Self-Love, Success & Personal Happiness

This post is NOT sponsored - that's the first thing you need to know. Over the last few months, both of us have been sharing passages, quotes and photos of books we've been enjoying over the summer. All of these books (aside from The Cursed Child... depending on who you are) are focused on self-love, self-improvement, introspection, healing, seeking success, and general life satisfaction /  happiness.

Diving into these books is not an unexpected happen-stance, but all premeditated through the goal to better ourselves and find healing/growth within the pages of these important reads.

Jenna: I've spoken about a few of these very opening on my socials (and in person) for over the last 9 years - speaking to the changes they've brought in her own life through applying the messages within the pages. Specifically, The Mastery of Love and The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. We have multiple copies, all containing highlighted lines, notes, asterisks, and sometimes a smiley face or two. Until recently, I had never read either, but it felt overdue that I made time to. Now that I've finally done it, I can say that I truly believe The Four Agreements is something everyone should read and reread in their lives.

Nick: The last few months of my life have been different in many ways. Some challenges I choose not to talk about publicly, but recently I’ve decided to spend more time on bettering myself, both mentally & physically. For the better part of the last two years, I’ve been very focused on my physical health, as most of you know. I came to a realization that I also needed to focus on my mental health & well-being. But more importantly, spend time to “center” myself again. With the craziness & hectic state that my life is constantly in, it’s important to reevaluate, recharge, and re-center. These books have helped me immensely over the past few months. It made me miss reading and quickly realized that spending time away from my phone, reading a book, and losing myself within the pages of these books was equal parts therapeutic & educational. Maybe your interest will peak in giving any of them a shot. 

10% Happier

This was a book that Jenna came across in a “recommended reading” list that somehow, someway interested me. Initially, we bought the book for her, but I ended up reading a few pages and flew through the book before she could start it (.. sorry, Jenna). It’s written by a man named Dan Harris who is best known for being a phenomenal news anchor & journalist. This book is about his life & his journey of self-enlightenment. Sounds cheesy, right? It’s not. It was deeply moving & educational. I also related to a lot of his feelings he has gone through and what his process was in dealing with them. This book really helped with creating an open mind to the world of meditation. His stories are amazing and the people he meets on his journey are equally as such. I’m hoping to make an appearance on his podcast! On Amazon here.

The Four Agreements

This book.. wow! This is a book that Jenna personally recommended to me a long time ago. It wasn’t that I never wanted to read it, I just kept putting it off. That was a mistake. It’s a book I wish I would’ve read years ago. It’s such an incredibly easy book to read. It’s so plain & simple, its like a smack across the face. This is a book that helps re-center yourself. Jenna puts it well that it’s a book you can open up to any page, and it pertains to something you’re currently going through. She also says it’s a book that takes on new meanings every time you read it. She’s absolutely correct. This is definitely a book I will continue to read over & over again. For anyone who is on the fence with books pertaining to self-help or self-awareness, this is a great intro book into all of that. On Amazon here. Bonus tip: After you finish this one, get your hands on The Voice Of Knowledge by the same author, Don Miguel Ruiz.

The Untethered Soul

I - Nick - recently finished this book while on tour in Latin America. The best way for me to describe it is it’s a book that breaks your life into a million pieces and helps put them all back together, in the best, most positive way possible. It gets real deep. You can literally feel yourself going in waves while reading it and being completely lifted in the final chapters. On Amazon here.

The Mastery of Love

Jenna, here! When I was about 19 years old, I went through a really difficult break up / relationship that left me feeling really lost. A friend recommended this book and told me about how it had changed her life. So naturally I went and got it for myself, hoping it would help me heal and find some kind of direction in life and love. What I didn’t realize was how important a role The Mastery of Love would play in the rest of my life. On Amazon here.

You Are A Badass

What’s kinda funny is how this book crept into our lives and then all-of-a-sudden was everywhere! Jenna is big into podcasts and audiobooks, and You Are A Badass came up in one of her many searches for new books to download, especially ones similar to The Mastery of Love and The Four Agreements. Obviously, she went for it. But what we didn’t expect was for it to be was like a conversation with a friend. Jen Sincero (the author) is a no-nonsense, casual conversation, wisdom-filled individual with an incredible amount of life experiences and lessons learned. After Jenna had listened to the first few chapters and raved about Jen’s message, we went out and got a paperback copy to go on tour with Nick. That’s right, we have this book as a paperback and an audiobook. It’s THAT good. One major thing, I (Jenna) got out of it was learning how to accept/move on from those “friends” in your life that can’t find a way to be happy for you. So often we see others around us doing exciting yet terrifying things - like moving away from home and taking on new challenges - and we have the choice to be happy for them, and even inspired by their spirit … or we can get freaked out and shame them for doing something so risky that we’d never have the strength or courage to do ourselves! Jen puts everything in such a straightforward manner that it’s like a lightbulb it constantly illuminating above your head going, “OMG YES!”. The end of book discusses money and our relationship with it. I didn’t think it would stick with me the way it had, and I finished the book a little over a month ago. Overall, it inspired and motivated me in my work and personal life, but also brought about some really thought provoking ideas that have really done a ton for my personal growth and transformation. Nick’s been working his way through this one recently, and I love that its something we can chat about, discuss and and dissect. HIGHLY recommend. There’s absolutely something in this book you’ve been needing to hear, and I encourage you to pick up a copy and find out what that is. On Amazon here.

BTW these books all make for fantastic stocking stuffers or holiday gifts!

That’s it for our first round of reads we wanted to share. This book-sharing thing is not ending anytime soon, so we hope you enjoyed this initial share and will be looking forward to our future sharing!

Tell us what books that have changed your life, or one’s you keep coming back to and why. We’d love to hear from you!