Because Summer!

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Hey, it's Jenna!

This post from me has been in the works for some time. I've thought a lot about this topic recently and wanted to share a little bit about my experience as an adult making friends in a new city, and also just spreading some love to those who've been there for me, and us ( Nick and I) through this exciting transition in our lives.

After moving to Los Angeles a year and a half ago, I feel like this is my real first summer among my new solid group of friends, which I think deserves some celebration.

When we first relocated from San Diego, we had a handful of acquaintances and casual friends - mostly people we'd worked with over the years - who also lived in LA. Obviously, this city is not "new" to us by any means, as my husband and I both grew up in Southern California, but planting our roots here means starting fresh in the "daily life" department. Who we see and spend our time with nowadays has changed from when we lives in San Diego because we've moved away from (and established new parts of) our family/support system. The first part of our time here in LA was spent really getting settled into our home and doing a lot of traveling which is why the transition didn't happen immediately for the both of us. 

 Last summer was filled with so much domestic and international travel for Nick and I, and I didn’t really have very much time to devote to building relationships with new friends here in Los Angeles. Over the last 8 months or so, I've gotten to meet plenty of new friends, and even being lucky enough to have a few new close ones, too!

My new group of girlfriends have taught me so much about getting the most out of life and strengthening bonds. I love how openminded and diverse my gal pals are. For example: one is a phenomenal decorator, fellow craft-lover and inspiring business woman, while another is incredibly well-traveled, cultured, hilarious individual with a shared-love for dorky sci-fi films. It's nice to be able to connect with other women over shared passions and interests, but beyond that, it's nice to be appreciated for being myself with these fantastic ladies while also learning through their experiences and shared knowledge.

One major thing I've learned from my babes here in LA is how important it is to get together with friends. 

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in work and our every day lives in a busy place like Los Angeles, which is when it get's easy to start neglecting those cherished relationships you have with your friends. One friend in particular is amazing at hosting and organizing these get-togethers, of which I've grown so fond of because it's an opportunity to see people I adore and also meet a few new ones. I love how she's inspired me to start hosting my own friend outings! Sometimes it's a picnic in the park, or even a day-trip up the coast. 

My new crowd has even made me feel comfortable enough to have some fun in the kitchen with creating fun dishes and recipes for our hangouts. For our summer picnics and parties, I've been loving all the fruit flavors and theming I see around our city. With my beloved fruit stands on every other corner, how could I not?! This summer we're enjoying Malibu Rum Lime in all of our cocktails with fresh fruit garnish, alongside a plate of chamoy strawberries, and mini corn dogs... you get the idea; summer stuff!

Sipping our Malibu Rum cocktails with my friends, we laugh and exchange stories about worst dates and biggest irrational fears, you know... girl talk! Some of us have even started our own book club when we realized our mutual obsession with conspiracy theories and ancient civilizations!

Best of all, we're always laughing and enjoying each others company. 

Now that I’m cozy with my amazing crew, it’s time to celebrate the summer properly! That means, happy hours just got significantly happier and the fresh fruit are a-plenty. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the summer of fun and flavor! 

I love how life is ever-changing while I am constantly growing, surrounded by wonderful people, and all enjoying life. I hope your summer is just as magical!

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