Breakfast Scones : For The Not-So-Experienced Baker

This is kind of a fun thing we’ve been doing at home that we wanted to share with you!

Nick and I have watched (and rewatched) our fair share of The Great British Baking Show, and to be completely honest, neither of us come close to Mary Berry and her epic baking majesty. Truth be told, neither of us have ever baked or know a thing about it. We’ve talked a lot about us trying to bake at home before with no real results — it doesn’t always feel like a thing you just do on-the-fly. We’re new here, after all!

With all the fancy baking tools, mixers, and proofing drawers they have on the show, I think it’s quite understandable for a person to feel intimidated about dipping their toes into the baking world pool. I’ve never baked anything more than box brownies or premade cookie dough cookies, so starting with something simple was the first step in taking the baking plunge!

Last week I was cruising through Milk & Eggs’ site and came across these baking kits by Stonewall Kitchen. The Lava Cake kit was verrrry tempting but I figured scones would be an excellent choice, as we’re having a very busy few weeks ahead still and mornings can be hectic. Having a quality baked item to bring along when we’re rushing out the door is such a life-saver these days!

Here’s what I immediately loved about these baking kits from Milk & Eggs by Stonewall Kitchen : minimal ingredients, quality ingredients, packages together conveniently - no need to buy bags of all the extra flours, etc. The ingredients are VERY straightforward and simple. You don’t have to stress on anything crazy or foreign, and for me this is huge. I have life-threatening allergies so being able to identify every ingredient that goes into my baked goods is invaluable. All of these and I haven’t even mentioned how user friendly their kits are with few items needed (water and butter) and the seriously delicious end results.

Nick says I won Star Baker this week, so I guess you could say I’m off to a ‘Great Baking’ start after perfecting these Stonewall Kitchen scones. Sorry — I had to make a Mary Berry joke…

I ordered the kit along with our regular grocery delivery from Milk & Eggs. The morning they came, we were busy as usual and so glad we had the scone kit on hand! With only 30 minutes free until we had to head out for the day, you won’t believe how perfectly this bake worked out! After only a few simple steps to prep the dough, the scones we’re finished and out of the oven in less than 20 minutes. So naturally, we grabbed a few warm ones for the road before we ran out of the house for the day!

I feel so much more confident in my ability after mastering this kit. I’ve already ordered more of the baking kits by Stonewall Kitchen from our phenomenal grocery delivery, Milk & Eggs. Another fun note about this scone kit - I thought to order it with locally made Blueberry Jam and OH BOY, DID WE HIT THE FLAVOR JACKPOT! Sounds amazing, right?! I can’t wait to keep baking with these awesome kits.

If you live in Southern California and haven’t tried out Milk & Eggs yet, give them a whirl! Be sure to use our discount code at checkout : twosmallfries : or just head to the banner at the bottom of this page for more details!