A Small Fry(ght) Halloween!

Hello there, ya Halloween-lovers!!


As we've already told you, we only have a short few weeks at home together before Nick leaves for tour again, and I (Jenna) head out to adventure through Asia. To maximize our time at home, we came up with a super fun little list of "To-Do's" and (you probably guessed it) but it's almost entirely about celebrating Halloween!

Since we're trying to keep it low-key and local, we made sure to plan plenty of nights-in to watch a few of our favorite Halloween movies!

Nick has a crazy obsession over a healthy number of horror films, so his contributions to the list tend to be the more terrifying flicks. Take a look below and see if you can figure out which ones were my ideas. (LOL)

○ Halloween

○ The Nightmare Before Christmas

○ The Descent

○ The Exorcist

○ The Shining

○ rewatch Stranger Things

○ Beetlejuice

○ Rob Zombie's Halloween

○The Addams Family

○ The Witches

○ Wes Craven's New Nightmare

○ Insideous

○ Hotel Transylvania

○ Identity

○ Ghostbusters


You can probably guess what came next after making our movie list...

We headed to Target for snacks!

Obviously, as we are doing our best to maximize the Halloween fun, we stuck to the theme and swooped up these oh-so-cute Mini Babybel® IN HALLOWEEN WRAPPERS! OMGGGGG YES!

Our movie-night marathon Halloween snack party is in no way a problem when it comes to falling off the "health journey" wagon because, as you may know, Mini Babybel® are 100% real cheese which means we're getting the good stuff!

and by the way.... there happen to be some amazing deals on them too so keep your eye out for $ off and take advantage!




Zero tricks for alllllll the treats! LOL

What movies do you watch around Halloween time? How do you enjoy the holiday?



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