6 Musts For Your Cinco De Mayo

Two words for ya: popsicle mixers.

Hang on, I'm not finished yet. These popsicles obviously need to be accompanied by our favorite (and the quite appropriate) adult beverage ingredient: tequila. 

I suppose I'm getting far ahead of myself, let's go back and talk Cinco de Mayo. Did you know that one of the first blog posts we ever wrote was about visiting the Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Old Town San Diego? How cool is that? No, seriously... we love Cinco de Mayo and really take advantage of the opportunity to have our own little celebration at home since we don't live in San Diego anymore.

If you're like us and you look for any opportunity to have fun at home, you'll love this delicious little DIY! Here are your "Must Haves" for Cinco:

1. Welch's Refrigerated Cocktail - Passion Fruit

Start with the essentials! Have you tried this stuff before? Talk about great taste and refreshing goodness. It's magical. Yes, to drink but just you wait... it gets better.

2. Lime

Obviously you're going to need lime, or 5. And that goes for Cinco de Mayo and every other day of the year. You never know when you're going to need a lime, but don't worry - I have a plan for this lime! Trust me.

.3 Chips + Salsa (okay I know that's two but you can't have one without the other)

Let's continue the theme of "everyday necessity" but elaborate on why it's important to have something fantastic to snack on while you catch up with friends, family and neighbors over your amazing cocktails I'm about to show you how to make. Oh, did I just give away the surprise? No better way to cool off your tongue from the salsa than with some Welch's! (wink wink)

4.Fresh Fruit

Every spread needs color and flavor! This gives you both, and it's a finger food of sorts, and you can get extra festive just by sprinkling some salt, chili seasoning, and lime juice on top! Queue the mouth watering riiiiight now!

5. Brightly Colored Decorations

Duh. It's Spring and that means bright, colorful, and if you're like me, it also means tassels and poms galore! Give life to your space, spreads and table settings with some flowers or maybe even a string of fun alpacas like this. YAY

6. Popsicle Sticks

It's timeeeeee! If you have popsicle molds, bring those bad boys out and grab the Welch's Refrigerated Cocktail Passion Fruit because we're about to get fancy (in a very non-difficult kind of way)! You can use regular popsicle sticks of that suits you better. You'll need to let the juice set in the freezer molds for a few hours before they're ready to be enjoyed. Feel free to sip on a glass of Welch's while you wait. ;)

So if you're over 21, feel free to reach for the tequila - and if you're not of legal age, stick with the sparkling lime flavored water! Let's do this!

See?! Super simple and absolutely delicious! If this recipe didn't quite tickle your fancy, fear not! Welch's has a plethora of fun, fantastic recipes you can find on their site here! I love looking at other recipes for inspiration. Sometimes it strikes me to change or add a little something here or there.