5 Years Together. Celebrating Us!

Hey all!

It’s Nick signing on to say what’s up from the road.

But, this post isn’t going to be about touring or my travels. It’s about Jenna & myself. Why, you ask? Because we just celebrated 5 years of being together. Wow! Just typing that out made my eyes widen. And that makes me extremely happy to say. 

I was going to go down memory lane and select different memories over the past 5 years together, and talk about how important some of those memories are so important to us and where we are today. But honestly, every moment I’ve spent with Jenna is important to me. There’s no memory that’s bigger, or better, than others. Every moment spent with her has been a blessing in my life and has affected me in positive ways, making our relationship that much stronger to this day. 

So, maybe this post is more of an appreciation post to my wife for being a shining light in my life since day 1 when this all started 5 years ago. It seems like an eternity ago, but in other ways, it feels like just yesterday. Just yesterday when we exchanged numbers, stayed up texting each other into the wee hours of the night, talking about anything & everything. Not wanting the conversation to stop. To this day, i still feel that way — I never want the conversation to stop. I’m still intrigued by her in every way possible. To this day, I still look forward to her texts and calls. She still gives me those butterflies when I see her or even when she FaceTimes me. 

I’m grateful every single time she says “I love you” to me. Those words are never taken for granted. I’m grateful every single day of my life that I get to share with her. Something I thought I was doomed to never experience. But I’m fortunate enough to say to you, my whole world has changed by her side over the past 5 years and it is one helluva beautiful feeling. 

These last 5 years have been one massive highlight reel. One that would be impossible to separate into specific memories. But honestly, this blog has been an incredible way for us to share those specific memories and we thank you guys for coming along with us on our journey and being so supportive. 

Jenna & I always say, we’ve barely gotten started. There’s still so much more to experience together. And for that, that makes this life that much more meaningful to me. Experiencing anything & everything together, as long as she’s by my side. 

To my wife: Happy 5 million years together & cheers to 5 million more..