4 Ways to Make Your Dream Vacation A Reality

If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that we love to travel...

and we also really love finding great deals. What you may not know is that it isn't all that difficult to find some fantastic prices and easily develop highly-effective habits to save you $ for all the travel your heart could ever desire. 

We get asked pretty darn often what we recommend doing in order to make those dream trips happen, so here's what we have to say!

Use your points.

Do you have a debit or credit card? Have you ever looked into the benefits that come along with the card(s) you have? Most adults have credit cards and most of those cards will have a point or rewards system. Chances are you have a whole mess of points just sitting there, waiting to be use. If you don't have one of these handy-dandy cards that gets your rewards just for your everyday life spending, go sign up for one! Most of them don't have any fees or penalties, and some of them even have cash bonuses for signing up and spending X amount within the first few months. Take advantage of this free cash and the points! We've redeemed points for free flights, hotels, and even some amazing excursions (like touring the Eiffel Tower!).

Sign up for price updates and deal alerts.

Our favorite site just to eyeball affordable destinations is Fly.com. They have a tab that says "Today's Best Fares" where you can set your departure city and view calendars of flight prices, price changes of all the most affordable cities both domestic and internationally. This is how I found my $300 round trip flight to Bangkok last year! With sites like this one (or Kayak although we don't totally trust them, etc.), you can set alerts for flights during certain dates, or for certain destinations. When the prices drops, they send you an email and AT LAST your moment has come! Make that purchase!!

Save your pennies. Seriously.

No, but for real. So many people don't save their change. But that penny or quarter you just threw away in the trash or dropped into the couch is one teeny potential step closer to your dream vacation. If you don't have a piggy bank, get one! You don't need anything fancy of course; you can even use an old tin can, but I find that having a cute coin collector gets more more excited about saving. Best of all, you can slip dollars in there whenever you might have a few extra. You'll seriously shock yourself after a few months has gone by and you open that bad boy up. $$$ you didn't know you had!

Cleanse your closet.

Nick and I have mentioned this in the past, but going through your closet every few months is an excellent habit to get into. If you're not wearing it, sell it or donate it. This is a fantastic way to make a little extra money, and also declutter. Poshmark and Depop are two apps if you don't have a resale store close to you, or there's always good ol' Buffalo Exchange (or Crossroads Trading if you.

Bonus: Cut Unnecessary Spending

Do you buy yourself a cup of coffee every day? Do you get a croissant with it, too? What about shopping online - do you buy something every week? Those are all purchases to reexamine. Do you go out drinking every weekend? If you really want to put in the work to make that trip happen, we suggest adjusting your lifestyle to be more aware of your excessive purchases like the ones I mentioned above. Instead of buying a $4 coffee every day, invest in a coffee-maker to have at home and buy your own beans. You can save money and still enjoy your daily fix. This is just one example of making adjustment, and just by looking around online, you can find other ideas on how to save/modify your spending habits - thus saving you some $ to stash away for your big trip!

One more idea that I want to share is asking for gift cards or for contributions to your savings fund. If your birthday is coming up, or maybe as Christmas gets closer (sad, I know its so far away right now) ask your parents, siblings, loved ones to help with your savings or vacation instead of buying you something like a board game or fancy headphones. Totally up to you of course, but there's no harm in letting people in your life know about your goals! Even if it's only $5, that put your $5 closer to staying in the hotel of your dreams! We did this when we knew we want to go back to Walt Disney World in January. We started collecting Disney Gift Cards to put towards our park tickets, and saved a ton of money by using the gift cards instead of our own money!


Was this helpful? Which tactic do you think will be the most helpful for you? What's your dream trip and how are you going to make it happen?

Tell us! We'd love to hear about it!