Moving In + Moving Up!

I’m using the word “situated” very loosely, as we’ve still got a lot of organizing, unboxing, reorganizing, and of course, a few furniture purchases to make.

Jenna loves moving. Seriously, it just might be her favorite thing. But if we’re both being honest, moving can feel really overwhelming. Not to mention, we spent a week out of town for the holidays to be with our families and took a little trip down to Orange County for a Disneyland day on Jenna’s birthday (Dec. 27th). So yeah… we’ve been even busier than usual and the list of to-do’s is looking real daunting.

Next comes the obvious bit; cooking at home just isn’t realistic for us right now. When Nick is home from tour, cooking at home together is one of our absolute favorite things to do, but for our first week at the new apartment was utter chaos and grocery shopping was totally out of the question. Even taking any extra time to put together a grocery list was a major ask, but our constant savior of a grocery service Milk & Eggs anticipated our needs.

One single click of Add To Cart and we were set, complete with FREE DELIVERY. All it took was a simple “Welcome Home Bag” - an entire bag filled with everything you need to keep your stomach and family happy in your new place. Because sometimes full blown, meal planning, intensive and arduous, 10 minute online grocery shopping is the last thing you need added on to your to-do list. Instead, take 90 seconds, lose the list, and order the perfect bag of produce, snacks, juice and a ton of other locally-sourced eats in the Welcome Home Bag so you can spend more time with your feet up, enjoying your new space and less time running around, stressed.

A massive thank you AGAIN to Milk & Eggs. They always have what we need in order to keep living our best lives.

Don’t forget to use our code twosmallfries at checkout when shopping Milk & Eggs!

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