Valentine's Day Gifts Galore!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

If you're anything like us, this is both ridiculously exciting and also semi-stressful! Everyone loves to gawk and oogle all the fun heart-shaped decor you pass by in the stores, but when it comes to actually settling on the right gift for your loved one(s), the struggle can get oh-so-real! 

Nick and I are here to help! We decided to come up with a practical and unique Valentine's Day Gift Guide to hopefully introduce you to a few of our favorite, functional presents to give and also receive!

While everyone likes to go for the predictable bouquet of flowers or chocolate covered strawberries, our goal was to get more creative to really wow your honey (or bff), and get way more bang for your buck!

Here are our Top 8 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

1st is our most predictable, (yet still surprising and unique!) monthly coffee subscription by Atlas Coffee Club. We LOVE this monthly coffee delivery most of all because every month you receive a different coffee from a different country! If you're coffee addicts like us, you'll appreciate a gift like an Atlas subscription! Nothing like brewing a hot cup of "I love you" reminder in the morning! ;)

Atlas Coffee Club is a travel themed coffee subscription designed to explore the world of exotic and delicious coffee, each month a new country.  Tanzania, Burundi, Indonesia, and beyond, Atlas Coffee Club curates and shares specialty grade coffee, highlighting the unique differences in both taste and culture!

  • They offer monthly subscriptions and 3, 6, and 12 month gift subscriptions. 
  • Each month their subscribers receive:
    • specialty grade coffee from a new country
    • coffee facts, tasting notes, and recommended brewing method
    • a unique postcard from each country
    • coffee bag designs inspired from local textiles & landscapes


Jenna made this little "bed of roses" herself at a local florist shop! It will last for 10+ days!

Jenna made this little "bed of roses" herself at a local florist shop! It will last for 10+ days!

2nd on the list is a little more customary for romantic occasions - flowers! Why not try something a little more personal and unique this year?! Shop local for flowers or make your own bouquet! You wouldn't believe how much more beautiful and special something with that little extra personal touch can be! Target even has locally grown flowers for sale by the checkout. We fully encourage you to shop local or small shops if you can!

3rd is something special that you can cherish for years but only takes a few minutes to make - and you can do it all on your phone!!! I'm talking about an app called Artifact Uprising and we looooove their softcover photo books! They start at only $18 and if you sign-up via email, you can get all kinds of discount codes + shipping deals! We have a few of these books, ourselves - one book of all the photos from when Nick proposed to me, and I also had one made for our anniversary a few years ago filled with random photos we've taken over the years. Nick always brings that one with him when he travels. :)

4th on our list is mostly for the girly girls in your life - it's the Valentine's Day Shop! I've said it before, ad I'll say it again - I. LOVE. BANDO.

Everything they come out with is worth drooling massive amounts of glitter over. Above are just a few of my personal, practical favorites of theirs right now!

5th on our Gift Guide items is anything from! Everyone loves a little pampering and what could be better than the gift of continuous pampering.... with some serious sass on top?! All their products have cheeky names, but mean serious business! Owned by a California resident and based/sourced in Los Angeles, every hip gal is sure to swoon over their goods. My personal fave is That Booty Tho, a walnut body scrub that's gentle enough for my overly sensitive skin and also smells heavenly! Nick and I also really love Bless This Mess, a hydrating body + hair mist. Nick's dry skin and my dry hair live for this fantastic spray! A rad gift with real purpose that even your fella can use!

6th up (and one of Jenna's absolute fav's) would be a new bathing suit, because here in California... it's basically beach weather again! Why not enjoy your Valentine's Day gift over and over again, all summer long?! Right now is an amazing time to score a bathing suit before everything cute is either sold out or sadly overpriced. Again, we encourage you to shop small if you can and support a local business - I'm choosing to highlight Sundia a San Diego based swimwear shop! Their Instagram is swimming with all the cutest styles and unique prints, so you'll be sure to have something no one else at the pool will! Not to mention, these suits are AMAZINGLY priced! You'll definitely see me sporting a few of their suits this summer!

7th is keeping it simple! Why not order in dinner and enjoy a low-key date night! It's much easier to focus on your sweetheart without having to worry about cooking. Nick and I are major fans of food delivery apps! If you haven't used them before, fear not! They're easy to navigate and reliable as can be! I've teamed up with Postmates to get you free delivery on your first order! Just use code jennamartin44

8th and finally, an awesome pick when it comes to shopping for your fella - anything by Cisco Reyes Jr.! Nick's a massive fan of this incredible artist and we've got at least 10 of his art pieces hung up in our home. He's got a wide variety of things to choose from in his online store but Nick's favorites are definitely the "Stay Home" Print, "Fuck You" Lace Keepers and Limited Edition "King Cry Baby" Collab piece. Cisco has the coolest stuff so be sure to pop over to his store ( ) and take a look!


That concludes our list of practical and different Valentine's Day gift ideas! Hopefully we introduced you to a few things you didn't already know about!


We hope everyone has a lovely holiday, whether you're flying solo, sharing it with friends, or with your honey!



Jenna + Nick