A few of our favorite things...

We get asked quite a bit about some specific aspects of our home - so we thought we'd share a little bit about our house with you!

On Snapchat, it's easy to see our surroundings when we're at home. Both of us Periscope from time to time, and usually we're at home when we do!

Fairly often, we're asked about our art (which we have TONS of)! Take a look at the short version of what some of our walls currently look like. We're always collecting more and more pieces and pretty soon, we'll have run out of wall space!

A few of the places we go to for incredible art are: Gallery1988 - Never Made - Indian Giver 

Another question that comes up often pertains to our love for all things Disney. You can find something Disney or Disneyland related in every part of our house, even the bathroom and staircase. We don't mess around when it comes to the things that make us happiest! In almost every room of our home, we have these amazing candles that smell JUST like Disneyland! Nick's favorite right now is the Churro scent. I'm still obsessing over Pineapple Whip that reminds me of my favorite frozen treat, Dole Whip! They're by Anthology Candles AND they have way more scents - including Harry Potter themed ones! You can also follow them on Instagram here!

Many loves and thanks to our incredible friends, Tyler and Sarabeth, for the wall decoration in the back of the photo above! It was a wedding gift they thoughtfully got for us (from Shipped To Sea on Etsy)! The quote is from the Disneyland entrance sign hanging across the two bridges that lead into the park. Nick and I love it so much! It couldn't be a more perfect addition to our home.

There's something so comforting and magical about coming home to a colorful and yummy smelling home! Because Nick is on tour so often, I do my best to make sure he comes home to the comfiest and happiest home possible! My partner in creating that happy atmosphere? Our little fluff babe, Chou Chou!

Chou Chou is our little cutie pie cockatiel! (Pronounced "shew shew") She's 11 years old and I've had her for all 11 years. Chou's name means "my little cabbage" in French, aka "honey" or "sweetheart" to us. She loves...... LOOOOOOVESSS her Nick. She always welcomes her papa home with very loud and affectionate noises. She's without a doubt a big part of what makes our little house our home. Couldn't help including her in this post! :) Love our little bird princess.

The last of our "at home" favorites would have to be our cozy bedroom's fantastic light wall! We found a tutorial online (all hail Pinterest, am I right?) for string light headboard/light-up curtains and kind of made the rest up ourselves! It creates a warm, fairytale-like setting - day or night! It was SO easy to make and incredibly affordable! Feel free to ask us questions or comment below if you want to know more abouot our DIY light up curtains!

We hope you guys enjoyed a little peek inside of our home!

Nick starts the End The Madness Tour next week! Who's going?! What songs are you the most excited to hear the boys play? Who will be attending their Taco Parties?! YAY!!! It's going to be awesome!