Part 1 - Taking on the Worlds!

It's taken a little time for the whole trip to sink in, but we're finally ready to share all the details of our latest travel adventure (in 2 parts.........we did a lot)!

Jenna's goal for 2016 has been to travel at least once a month. January was New Orleans. February was Nashville, and March was Orlando! Thankfully, our many friends and family members scattered all over the country (and world) give us extra excuses to travel *wink wink* which was why we were fortunate enough to find ourselves in Orlando last month! If you follow us on our personal social media, then this probably isn't news to you... But while we were visiting Orlando for a close friend's wedding, we also did what we do best (LOL) and visited a few theme parks you just miiiight have heard of. 

Here comes the rundown! Brace yourselves because you'll soon realize that on this whirlwind vacation, these Small Fries meant serious amusement park business! 

Day 1: Began with a bang. Jenna had to work on Friday so we took a red eye across the country to Miami, then hopped on our connection to Orlando, arriving around 10:30am. e barely slept on our crazy turbulent flight which is why we showed up in a complete daze. (Thanks Jack for picking us up!) Jenna and I had to be at the wedding that same day around 5pm so we walked from our hotel to Wawa (On Jenna's bucket list because she had never been there before!), grabbed some snacks and sandwiches to hold ourselves over and took a short nap back at the hotel. Next was the wedding! It was awesome! Incredible food and such wonderful people. Many of our friends were there so it was especially nice spending quality time with those East Coast friends we rarely see. We stayed until the end of the reception to see the happy couple off, then straight to bed. We had a very big day ahead of us manana.

Day 2: We may or may not have gotten a little bit too excited.. and got to Hollywood Studios 40 minutes too early. Yep, it wasn't even open yet. That's how early we were. I'm an early riser, anyway! Just hand me a coffee and I'm ready to go! Anyway, Disney World! Just the same as our regular Disneyland trips in California, we had a very specific plan of attack for maximizing our time at Walt Disney World. They have 4 parks and we only had 2 days to do it all. (In between the two days, we did Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure... ie. Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but we'll get to that later!) We had purchased our 2-Day Park Hopper Tickets in advance which allowed us to BOOK OUR FASTPASSES AHEAD OF TIME! That's right. You read that correctly. We picked out the days and times for our FastPasses WAY before we even went on our trip! ALL THROUGH AN APP! For those of you who don't know what a FastPass is, take a look here. We had decided that our first day we would bang out 3 specific parks, and our favorite attractions at each of them, saving Magic Kingdom for our last day. We set our personal priorities and wasted no time! 

Jenna and I decided we'd start at Hollywood Studios in order to beat the crowds at our top two priority rides; Rockin' Rollercoaster and The Hollywood Tower of Terror. For sure, two of our very favorite rides at Walt Disney World. We high-tailed over to those as soon as the gates opened. Maybe I wasn't quite prepared or awake yet for Rockin' Rollercoaster, because the first 5 seconds had me completely winded and I thought I might pass out! I had forgotten how it launches into the darkness BUT I'm completely sick in the head and I loved it. :) After those rides, we ran over to the Muppet store on the other side of the park because Jenna and I are totally obsessed with the TV show, or in Jenna's case, anything related to The Muppets. On our way out of the park, we stopped by the Sci-Fi Drive In Theatre Restaurant juuuust to peek inside at the awesome emmersive scenery. Jenna was very eager to show me this restaurant and had tried for weeks to get us a reservation there with no luck at all. Yet when we walked up, we were both shocked that they could immediately seat us and found a way to squeeze us in! The attention to detail completely floored me and I was thoroughly entertained watching the cheesy, old sci-fi films while we ate, sitting in the back of an old convertible! After that, we hopped on a bus and made our way over to Disney's Animal Kingdom!

On our first trip to this park together a few years ago, Jenna introduced me to one of the craziest and most surprising rides I've ever been on; Expedition Everest. One of the perks of having Jenna as my partner in life is her vast knowledge of everything Disney, given she was a Cast Member for a long time. What makes this ride even more special and significant for me is that she actually used to work at this specific attraction as a Ride Operator. Without spoiling any of this awesome ride's "surprises", if you're going to visit Walt Disney World, it's important that you know that THIS RIDE IS A MUST! Since we covered a lot of ground here a few years ago, we decided we'd hit up Expedition Everest and then move along to the next park...EPCOT!

EPCOT is a completely different experience compared to the other 3 parks at Walt Disney World. It's not as "ride heavy" and the majority of the park focuses on other countries and cultures of the world (which means lots of awesome foods and lots of crazy drinks!). One of my favorite things about EPCOT is that if you decided to go "around the world" counter clockwise, you get to start in Mexico! (My personal favorite! Those Avocado Margaritas are unreal!) The beauty of this park is that in each country that you stop in, it's nature of immitation is simply immpeccable. For example, when you walk into the pub in England, it looks exactly like many pubs I've been into while on tour in England! Call me dorky, but I LOVED Living With The Land...a boat ride about a sustainable living. Basically, it's about plants. I have no shame about this. (Jenna and I are cracking up about it right now as we're typing this out FYI.) 

By the way, we saw the Village People perform at EPCOT... That's all there is to say about that.

12 hours and 22,178 steps after we had begun our first day at Walt Disney World, we decided it probably time to call it a night! We had a crazy successful day and quickly realized we still had 2 more days and 3 more amusement parks to conquer. We never slept so hard in all our lives... and couldn't wait to get up and do it all over again!


Part 2 of our vacation recap will include all the details of our days at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Magic Kingdom! (Coming soon)

Let us know what you guys think! Comment telling us what you liked or didn't like, and what you'd like to hear more about! Questions? Thoughts? Tips? Please let us know and leave your thoughts on our Instagram account! :)

Stoked to tell you about the rest of our vacation!

Much love to you guys!


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