Celebrating OUR Way!

Before Nick left for tour a few weeks ago, we decided to have our wonderful friend and talented photographer Ryan Watanabe join us for one last Disneyland trip before Christmas time. Nick and I really didn't have the opportunity to take "engagement" photos or anything like that before we got married. We really just didn't care to follow the social expectations (etc.), BUT we did know that we wanted to savor and commemorate this incredible time in our lives... which is what lead us to asking Ryan if he'd join us for an "us" day in our very favorite place. He totally captured us in our element - silliness and all! We really cherish these photos and it was an incredible day. Nick and I wanted to share a few of those special photos with you guys - just us in our natural habitat. Hope you enjoy them!

We can't thank Ryan enough for making this day so memorable and capturing such wonderful moments. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Ryan! We love you dearly, and appreciate you! 

You can find more of Ryan's incredible work here.


The holidays are coming up!

We'll be sharing some of our personal gift-giving tips & tricks next up on the blog! 


Much love to you guys,

Jenna + Nick