10 Things You Didn't Know About Nick

Hellooooo everybody! It's been a bit since I've put together a post. My apologies! With our album coming out last week, it's been extremely busy around here.


But, we thought it'd be an awesome idea to share some things about us that maybe you didn't know yet. So, here.. we.. go..


1. I love coffee.

Now, I know for the most part, everyone is very well aware of this. But, over the past few years, I've been really started to get into it a lot more. I tend to geek out on some really random things outside of the music world, and this is one of them. I actually make my own cold brew while I'm on tour for everyone in the band & the crew to enjoy and help them get through the day. I typically use beans from Mason Coffee Works and Dark Horse Coffee.


2. I used to run a screen printing shop

before I joined Sleeping With Sirens. I initially quit the music business years ago after my previous band and got into the screen printing business. I fell in love with the whole process! Went to some classes and just dove right into it. Started printing shirts for bands & local businesses in a garage and then grew it into a big facility where we were cranking out 1,000's of shirts a day. I really enjoyed the process from start to finish. I miss it sometimes and really want to screen print for fun again at some point. Jenna always makes fun of me because I analyze & critique every t-shirt print & screen printed art pieces. I'm a nerd 🤓


3. I started playing guitar when I was 11

or 12, I believe. I used to go to my cousins' house where they had a few guitars and a piano. I have a cousin who is an incredible piano player and I would just watch her for hours when she played. But at the time, I watched MTV on a daily basis and wanted to play guitar because of that. Seeing Green Day, Metallica, and Nirvana on TV just made playing guitar look too cool. So anytime I was at my cousin's house, I would immediately want to play their guitars. Then my Dad bought me an acoustic guitar from a thrift store and it changed my life forever.


4. I love going to the movies.

Like, REALLY love going to the movies. I even go by myself when I'm on tour. Yes, you read that correctly. But when I'm home, I feel like Jenna & I go quite a lot. It's always been a fun escape for me and enjoying movies the proper way that the creators intended for you to experience them. I guess I'm a purist.. and a nerd.


5. My favorite artist is Jean Michel Basquiat.

Fun fact: when I write “Much Love”, those “E’s” are inspired by works when he started out as a street artist under the monicker, “SAMO”. Fortunately, I finally got to see some Basquiat pieces in person with Jenna and I completely nerded out. 


6. I played baseball

my whole entire life growing up and I loved it! I was a pretty decent pitcher and liked playing shortstop. Still always a good time being able to check out Major League Baseball games on the road with the boys. Makes me miss playing a bit. 


7. I love waking up early

when I’m home. My friends think I’m crazy that I like waking up at 6am. And that’s with no alarm! Jenna thinks I’m crazy too! 😂. As I got older, I really started enjoying the quiet time in the morning before everyone was awake. Just reading a book, drinking coffee, and checking out the news. I know.. I’m super nerdy.


8. I have a fear of clowns.

I saw the original IT as a child and it traumatized me. And yes, I did see the new IT. I more so get scared of clowns in real life. It’s the anonymity that gives me the heebie jeebies. Not knowing who’s truly behind the face paint.


9. I don’t like chewy candy

like gummy bears and Dots. Weird, right? I’ve never liked them. But I love chocolate. And ice cream 😛. When I’m home, my favorite place to get ice cream is Salt & Straw with Jenna.


10. I had never seen a single Harry Potter movie

before I started dating Jenna! I was always that guy that said I was too old to watch movies like that and acted too cool for it. But thanks to Jenna, I now love the movies. It’s always such a blast visiting Wizarding World @ Universal Studios with Jenna. Now, I feel like we need to own some wands. I know.. Truly nerdy. 


Hopefully you guys enjoyed some random things about me that you may, or may not have already known.

Thank you for continuing to follow our blog.

It always makes my day on tour when someone comes up to me and tells me they enjoy keeping up on us & our adventures. Means the world to us!