10 Things You Didn't Know About Jenna

Just for fun, Nick and I decided to share a little bit more about ourselves with our audience! It's so easy to keep things impersonal on the internet, and we really want to connect with you guys and remind you that we are real human beings filled with quirks, imperfections, emotions, and all the same highs and lows that we all go through!


I hope that some of you can maybe even relate to the tidbits we have to share! I'm up first, which means Nick's "10 Things" article is coming next week! 



1. I'm a shorty

which is why I've been referred to as "small fry" along with every other nickname you might give a small person... for many maaaaaany years. It's interesting being barely 5 feet tall. You're definitely tall enough to ride all the rides, but not tall enough to be treated like an adult (based on appearances obv). I'll be getting carded in bars until I'm 40, no doubt in my mind.

2. I have an older brother

who is a chiropractor! We like to call him "Dr. Brother" which covers all the bases, and also kinda makes me giggle. He's 2 years, 2 months and 7 days older than me. We're very close (although he lives in Seattle with his wonderful girlfriend) and I love them both very much.

3. My first childhood memory

is watching the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland, sitting on the curb with my Dad pointing and waving at all the characters with us.

4. I almost went to school to study paleontology

and I even went so far as to look into potential internships that I could apply for when I finished my Bachelor's degree.

5. I was a Cast Member

on both coasts. Yep, I worked for Disneyland in California, and Walt Disney World in Florida.

6. Clue is my favorite movie

well, that and Muppet Treasure Island (which I actually saw in the theaters when it first came out). Or any muppet movie. Or anything with Tim Curry in it. ;)

7. I got Chou when I was 15 years old

which means that she's 12 years old! My sweet little potato has been by my side through it all! She lived with me in all the places I moved to over the years. She loooooves her Papa with all her heart, and my Dad is her bff. She usually dislikes men in general, and baseball caps. And toes... don't get her started on toes. Note : cockatiels can live to be 20-30 years old!

8. I don't believe in "luck"

and that's because I believe in working towards your goals. Nothing will ever just land in your lap, because there will always have been something you did that lead you to where you are. Take ownership and responsibility, and get control. Determine your own "destiny". Go be who you want to be and do all the things you want to do.

9. I got my first guitar when I was 9

and I've been playing ever since. I've had electric and acoustic guitars over the years, but now I prefer playing acoustic over electric. When I was a kid, I realllllllly wanted to learn how to play bass but got a Silver Fender Stratocaster instead! My dad inspired me to learn since he'd been playing since a kid, as well.

10. I graduated High School early

because family life and school life were both horrible for me. I worked really hard to get ahead on my required courses so I could finish High School 6 months early and join the real world! I had started working as soon as I was old enough to get a workers permit, and the older I got, the more eager I became to get out of high school and into the workforce and begin my own life! I started college courses immediately and explored my love for fashion, right off the bat! I'm so grateful for taking an alternate route. It has benefited me greatly to have so much life and work experience.


I'm guessing most of you learned a whole lot of new stuff about me! Want to know more? Just let me know!


Nick is up next with his list of things you didn't know about him! Stay tuned because it's coming next week!