10 Unexpected Essentials For Your Grocery List

This month, instead of sharing a recipe with you all, we're simplifying the details of our regular health and food story by talking about something everyone can relate to; writing a grocery list!

We've been in love with Milk & Eggs for a long time now, and have finally gotten to self-titled "pro status" at compiling our grocery list. The full list entails a heck of a lot more than this, but here it is - our list of 10 fantastic and somewhat unexpected staple items you should have on your shopping list!

1. Hawaiian Papaya

Have you ever had papaya before?! We thought that we knew what papaya tastes like and we knew you could get them pretty much anywhere because we'd seen them regularly. Then while Jenna was in Thailand, she discovered a whole new world of delicious - or I suppose we should say rediscovered? Papaya was beyond abundant and one of the few things you could count on being in just about every single dish you ordered. So here we are, riding that papaya train to flavor town! You can find the most delicious and fresh Hawaiian Papayas on Milk & Eggs here! 

2. Harmless Harvest

For all you coconut water haters out there, we dare you to try this brand and then attempt to say something negative... because it's simply impossible. We discovered Harmless Harvest a while back, even before we lived in Los Angeles and immediately fell in love. It's sweet, subtle, healthy, and insanely fresh! Buying it regularly was never exactly a great option for us as it's a little more expensive than some of our other go-to beverages, but then it all changed when we moved to L.A. and started shopping with Milk & Eggs. They don't just sell it for less, but they also sell multiple sizes so that we can have more options! Jenna tends to go with the smaller bottles as she drinks less liquids, but Nick always goes for the bigger bottles because he's a hydrating machine! If you haven't tried Harmless Harvest, give it a whirl! Save some money by ordering it on Milk & Eggs, and don't forget to use our coupon code TWOSMALLFRIES at checkout for even better savings!

3. Jewel Yams

Aka white sweet potatoes - but let us tell you why! We've talked a ton about our adoration for this veggie but there's a million reasons why it's become a staple in our household, and has a place in almost every one of our home-cooked meals. Remember when we talked about the Sweet Potato Diet book? Well reading that pretty much solidified this fancy potatoes' presence in our life and kitchen. We learned a lot about healthy starches and good carbs. Enter, the jewel yam! I don't believe you can find this yummy po-tot just anywhere, but since Milk & Eggs knows what's best, guess where we get ours! What I love the best about this specific sweet potato is that is it's overly sweet, and the flavor is smooth but never overpowering. It goes with everything, and fulfills every 'tot' craving that might enter the brain! Highly recommend this book and this veggie!

4. RAW The Cleanup

Yes, a charcoal juice sounds weird but trust us when we say it's totally the bee's knees! Most people have had pressed juice before, but this one is totally different than what you're expecting! It's made by one of our favorite juiceries in Los Angeles, RAW, and has become a staple item in our refrigerator. Charcoal is known for its natural cleansing properties which is where this juice gets its name from. You're probably assuming it tastes funky but guess what! It tastes like a lavender lemonade. And yeah, it's black but that's kinda cool, so don't you dare complain! Find this delicious and nutritious beverage here and while you're at it, read the rest of the ingredients - you're guarenteed to fall head over heels for this black liquid!

5. Spread The Love Unsalted Almond Butter

Continuing on our health education journey (which truly goes hand in hand with fitness + diet) we've been learning quite a lot about various "diets" and lifestyle changing tactics; Whole30 being the most recent. Though we didn't do a full Whole30, we did try it out and learn a significant amount about reading labels, added sugars, and the impact of grains. Our household is just about always free of dairy products, so what trying out the Whole30 taught us the most about was choosing clean, nutritious products - like this one! Milk & Eggs has a Whole30 Approved tab on their site, which was where we found Spread The Love, and upon first taste, found is far superior than other almond butters (or any butter, for that matter) and incorporate it into our regular snacking; with apples, celery, etc. You need this in your pantry, asap!

6. Matchabar Iced Matcha

Holy tea heavens! If you're not familiar with matcha, it's been around since just about the dawn of time. Having well-documented healing properties, in addition to improving focusing, giving energy and being filled with antioxidants, it's totally delicious! We were introduced to Matchabar  when we visited one of their awesome New York City locations, and could not have been more stoked to see them recently get added to the Milk & Eggs store! Upon seeing Matchabar's bottled drinks showing up on the site, we started looking at the different teas they make and reading the individual blurbs for each product which is where we learned a little bit about this really cool small business that was started by two friends. Being full blown caffeine addicts, just like the two of us, they wanted to break the cycle of their coffee-addiction and were totally blown away by the results they experienced after trying matcha. Talk about an incredible beginning, they went on to create Matchabar all from the inspiration they found in this experience and researching the many benefits of matcha. 

7. Avocados

Does this feel too obvious? Hear us out. They're filled with fantastic and important nutrients that everyone can benefit from. Yes, we're California natives but avocados are still on the pricey side for us even though they're practically grown in our backyard. Finding excellent quality produce that are also affordable is a challenging task - however we've got it sorted. Milk & Eggs offers incredible prices and the most phenomenal quality avocados we've ever found! Don't believe it? Check them out here, and of course, don't forget to use our code at checkout for an additional discount (TWOSMALLFRIES).

8. Pacific Pickle Works Carrots of Fire

Yeah, it sounds really weird but just wait until you hear what this jar of delicious is all about. Another mexican food favorite is spicy carrots. Now, if you’re not from Southern California, you probably won’t ever have seen, heard of or tried these before. Trust me when I say they’re an absolute must and probably the best way to enjoy a carrot. So put simply, they’re pickled in spicy delicious brine with garlic, peppers and onions but they’re as crunchy and fresh as you can imagine! Not mushy or soft. You still get that crisp, crunch when you bite into a spicy carrot. What makes these such a big deal is that you usually can’t buy these from your grocery, but instead have to go hunting for them inside hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurants. You can imagine our enthusiasm to seeing these get added to Milk & Eggs site, but wait it gets even cooler… They’re made by a fantastic small business located in Santa Barbara, CA - only a few hours away from our home! Talk about authentic! And who doesn’t love supporting small business?! Just another reason why we adore Milk & Eggs.

9. Frozen Superfood Cacao "Ice Cream"

Alright so remember how we said we don’t do the dairy thing? This “ice cream” is totally dairy-free, and its make from the most delicious of all superfoods - cacao! If you’re not familiar with cacao, think “healthy chocolate”. This brand and it’s various superfood “ice creams” are another recent addition to the Milk & Eggs family, which is how we discovered them! Our first time ordering these, we thought “There are a few interesting flavors, so maybe let’s get a couple,” so Cacao and Coffee both found their way into our home a few days later when our groceries arrived. The hilarious part about this story is when we first started to eat the “ice cream”, we each had a different flavor and declared our own to be there best of the two. Then when we switched to try the other, we both went silent and just looked at each other and said. “Dammit. Yours is better.” Typical, right?! Every single bite earned a massive “mmmmmmmmmm!” from both of us as we ate, then switched flavors, ate then switched flavors, until we we’re half way through both little cups. The moral of this story is OMG TRY THESE! You can find more about these fantastic, healthy little frozen treats here. 

10. Califia Farms Cold Brew Double Espresso

It’s by no means a secret that Nick is coffee obsessed. He like to brew every batch of cold brew from scratch, grind the beans, pour the water over the grounds, and let it sit for 24 hours. Jenna isn’t always about the excess of work that goes into a cup of cold brew in the morning, often because life is just too busy and who likes dieting the kitchen more than necessary. Truth be told, there are absolutely times where we fly through our entire batch, leaving us empty handed until the next fresh batch has sat for at least 24 hours. These coffee woes are what lead me to discovering this yummy, dairy-free, caffeine gem - Califia Farms Cold Brew Double Espresso! It's our saving grace, and an amazing item to keep in your fridge for everyday enjoyment. At only 80 calories per serving, this totally fits into the game plan!

Did you learn something from our list? Hopefully we've shared some awesome items with you that you were aware of before. If you try any of the above, let us know what you think!

And most importantly, if you've never tried Milk & Eggs, be sure to visit their site here and get your first order started! Make sure to enter our code TWOSMALLFRIES at checkout for $20 off your order of $40 or more, and enjoy free shipping.